Weld Engineering

Welding Engineering:  Based on over 20 years of welding engineering practical experience in a variety of manufacturing fields including Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Electrical Power Plants, Aerospace Industry and Steel Companies, our internationally educated and licenced welding engineers from PEO, IIW, CWB and AWS are strongly capable of providing many types of welding engineering services. 
  • CWB retain welding engineer services (W47.1 &W 47.2) for Div. 2 companies.
  • Performing on site welding engineering consultation.
  • Prepare, Qualify and Register Welding Procedure Specification (WPS-PQR) in accordance with ASME code Sec. IX , Sec.VIII and Sec. III with TSSA registration,  Structural steel codes CSA W47.1 with CWB registration, AWS D1.1/ D1.2/D1.6, Structural aluminum codes CSA W47.2 with CWB registration, AWS D1.2 ... American Petroleum Institute code API 1104, DNV Offshore with DNV or BV approval and registration. 
  • Welding joints design, calculation, and simulation (FEA). 
  • Develop technical specifications for purchasing welding equipment which included Welding machines, Turning Rolls, manipulators, Jigs and Fixtures and custom welding automation.
  • Welder exams and certification as per ASME/TSSA, CWB, AWS and DNV. 
  • Metallurgical and mechanical evaluation of welds/material and failure mode analysis. 
  • Perform root cause analysis and engineering report on incidents dealing with welding failures. 
  • Design and implement programs resulting in cost reductions and quality improvement.
Weld Joint Stress Analysis and Design:
We have extensive experience with using Finite Elemant Anlysis (FEA) for validation of structural weld joint designs and stamping them by our licenced professional engineers. We also have experience with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for simulation of liquids & gases. Typical projects we have simulated include piping systems, bridges & other critical structures after damage, cranes, lifting devices & heavy-duty equipment, pressure systems and marine vessels.